Building a Blog

How do you build a blog? Oh, that’s easy. You just go sign up for WordPr… nope! Not if you’re earning your stripes as a Full Stack developer, you don’t.


You fire up your Visual Studio & build it from scratch. MVC, C#, Razor, the whole shebang.


I was nervous about finally starting to write some C#, but I’m actually finding it quite logical and fairly clear. 


And in truth, certain aspects of MVC development already have me completely spoiled. My current BFF? The shared layout. Build your main navigation once, and it has the good grace to appear on all Index views unless told otherwise? Absolutely lovely. In fact, in only my 3rd week of MVC when I had to update some navigation links in earlier projects today, I actually had to remind myself to go back & make the updates on all the .html pages. What a hassle. 


I’m pleased with how my blog build turned out, especially considering how challenging it was.


And I have more than a tweak or two in mind for this project. I’ve got a whole list! I’ll be glad to have a little extra time to add in a some more functionality after graduation.

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Your blog is fantastic! I would love to see more articles about your experiences. What about writing about learning to code as a woman? Or learning to code after a successful career? Like you, I have a few years of career experience and decided to learn to code at 54. The thing that I am most proud of is my willingness to continue to learn and develop. "The mind is a terrible thing to waste." Keep up the great work!

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