So Exciting!

Before I even logged in for the first day of the Bug Tracker, the butterflies-that-feel-more-like-pterydactyls started up.

It's the capstone project. It takes (read: we only get) 4 weeks. It's a multifunctional web app. It's what I'm going to show people when I interview.

No big deal. No pressure. Except... it really is a big deal, and the pressure really is on. Cue the deep breaths.

Thankfully, I remembered something I heard from author & speaker Simon Sinek. He talked about the experience of feeling nervous and the experience of feeling excited being virtually identical. The only real difference is what we tell ourselves about the situation. If we intentionally shift our perspective, we can change our experience in the situation.

So, as I began reviewing the first sprint deliverables for this big, important, complex project and my nerve began to falter, I wrote, “Bug Tracker: This is so exciting!!” at the top of my legal pad. Did that one act magically make me casual and peaceful the entire four weeks? Nope. Not even close. But it did give me something encouraging to look back at when it seemed like every edit I made or functionality I added set off an exception in the code.

And, in truth, tackling something this big and this important really is quite exciting!

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I am checking out your now completed BugTracker. It looks and functions great. I would love to read an article about your experiences shifting from WordPress to .NET. I have a similar experience in that I build a wordpress membership site and am now a .NET developer.

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