What's With All The Ducks?

When I began researching Coder Foundry, I noticed rubber ducks everywhere. They even have a “Talk To The Duck” t-shirt!



What could a rubber duck possibly have to do with coding? I could not imagine. So, as I do with everything else, I looked it up.



I found that there’s something in software development called "Rubber Duck Debugging." My next thought was, “Oh, ok… it’s a tool or plugin.” Nope!



When your code just won’t work, you’ve stared at it for quite some time, and scrolled through it more times than you care to count, it’s perfectly natural to seek input from a colleague or mentor. However, many times, just the process of explaining the problem to someone else has brought clarity (and the answer) to a struggling developer.



So the theory is, if you will begin talking through your code and explaining the problem, even to an inanimate object on your desk (like a cute rubber duck), you may spend less time with all the staring and scrolling.



The moral of the story is: talk it out. And maybe get a rubber duck.

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